Bush får sko etter seg
mandag 15. desember 2008 08:58

bushSom man kan lese i dagens VG artikkel, så fikk Bush en sko kastet etter seg på en pressekonferanse. Dette skapte en hel rekke gode kommentarer på digg sin side som jeg vil ta med her. ;)

Her kan du se video klippet:

Beste kommentarer fra digg:

Reports indicate that the journalist was the sole attacker.
Well, it's a good thing they caught the shoeicide bomber.
Sources indicate something was afoot before they could tie it together.
It appears the reporter and Mr. Bush got off on the wrong foot.
After which he got booted from the press conference.
So you could say, that Bush has a size 10 approval rating.
If he caught it, the guy would have been out.
Leaving barefoot, the journalist experienced the agony of d'feet.
Another angle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIwLJtqoxBs
Does this mean we are going to attack Iran now?
There's no way a person could take off and throw two shoes at that range with that amount of speed and accuracy. It's obvious there must have been a second shoeman.
I am sure people were searched for real weapons. What next? Remove the shoes of all reporters?


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